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Couples/Relationship Counselling

Relationship therapy is a safe space where couples begin to communicate their feelings and needs without fear of being attacked or criticized. The focus is to explore destructive patterns and swift into productive dialogue.

Not every couple who seeks counseling is in crisis. Different kinds of couples seek counseling –from friends who want to explore their friendship to couples dating who just want to communicate better, to people who are wondering if they should take the next step in their relationship with a variety of levels of commitment.

Why Relationship Therapy?

  • Dissatisfaction by one or both partners needs to be explored.
  • Emotions have become too hot with conflict- or cold with indifference.
  • Issues of sexuality or satisfaction need to be addressed.
  • Relationship “skills” need to be enhanced.
  • An amicable ending to the relationship needs to be found.
  • Family, parenting, or financial concerns trouble the couple.
  • Better communication skills and techniques need to be found in order to explore the present and future relationships.
  • People are preparing to make a commitment to one another.
  • Infidelity.

Some of these issues involve improving existing communication skills or simply finding ways to discuss sensitive topics.

Is relationship therapy covered by insurance?

The answer to this question is a resounding “no”. While as a behavioral health professional, I understand the importance of relationship counseling and its positive impact on mental health and overall wellness.

Unfortunately, Medical providers do not consider it to be medically necessary.

Please contact me regarding rates and packages.

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