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Life is complicated, there will always be problems, a pause in what’s to be.

Life hands us burdens we can’t change, unresolved physical, emotional, spiritual, familial, and financial challenges can often lead to feeling defeated, frustrated, sad, alone, and angry.

Sometimes the root cause is obvious- you are depressed, anxious, or frustrated.

At other times, things are less clear. You may sense that something is off but can’t exactly pinpoint what it is.

While having some hesitation is understandable, it takes courage, resilience, and insight in asking for help.

I am here to help you overcome, and turn your obstacles into opportunities for brighter tomorrow.


My practice specializes in treating individuals, couples, and families. I provide a therapeutic relationship, in a supportive space where you can express yourself freely without judgment.

Through therapy, you will learn ways to address your issues and learn healthy coping strategies to help alleviate some of these problems while enabling you to become more self-confident, self-evolved with greater satisfaction about your life.

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About Denise McIntosh

I firmly believe that not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. It is my hope that our partnership will reinforce the understanding that asking for help is a symbol of strength. I will partner with you and guide you through the barriers of depression, anxiety, trauma, codependency, and relationship challenges.

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